Your work placements can be in a variety of fields, while the types of organizations you will work with are mainly NGOs and governmental offices. You can request the field to work in, unless you are on a program where the field is specific (eg. Netcorps), and we will do our utmost to fulfil your request. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the what field you will work in because, as always, our priority is the community.

Pre-School / Daycare

4-5 hours/day

Community day care centers caring for and running
educational programs
for 3-5 year olds
(similar to kindergarten)


5 hours/day

Teaching English (with or without other teacher support)

Teaching assistant to a regular classroom teacher
(6-12 year olds)

High School

4-5 hours/day

Teaching English as an assistant to the Français teacher (13-17 year olds)

Sometimes work is assigned to several teachers in a rotating schedule

Special Education

5 hours/day

Working with mentally and physically challenged children

Assisting the integration of challenged children into regular classes


Social Work
Information Technologies

3-5 hours/day

Convent – support social support programs (e.g. abused children)

Home for the elderly (facility in Spanish opens opportunities)

Orphanages, transitory homes for women or children


6-8 hours/day

Supporting NGO's or governmental organizations with their IT projects


Family Owned Businesses
Health Care

4-5 hours/day

Family store operation requiring development of product vocabulary and knowledge, interaction with clients, money collection, documentation of sales, and potentially accounting


3-5 hours/day

Assisting with patient admittance and care at a public community health clinic

Greeting patients in Spanish, putting them at ease, taking vital signs, blood pressure, height and weight, documentation for records in Spanish

(good Spanish is required)