Customized Programs

Tell us what you want, and we'll build a trip tailored to your tastes!

  • The purpose (volunteer work, recreation)
  • The length of stay
  • The destination (mountains, coast, jungle, Galapagos)
  • With or without spanish classes


We also run pre-defined programs:

University and NGO's
Why Overseas experience With / Without credits (focusses on VOLUNTEER WORK)
Who For: An individual University student or a group of university students
Organized by: a teacher, the international departement of the university or a student group
What Related / unrelated to a field of study (if organized by a teacher is related to the field of study)
Where Anywhere in Ecuador
Duration 1 to 12 months


High Schools
Why Short term excursions (MORE RECREATION)
Who For: a group of High School students
Organized by: a teacher
What Related / unrelated to the field of study
Where Could be anywhere, but we recommend the coast
Duration About 2-3 weeks (usually during march break, holidays or summer)


Organized trips
Who For: A person or a group volunteering or studying, not in a school context
Organized by: Our team - we build the group for you
What Related / unrelated to the field of study
Where 2 possibilities: Mountain-Coast-Jungle or Mountain-Coast-Galapagos
Duration Between 15 to 21 days
Note: Because the trip is organized there are Specific Dates


constant support

Upon arrival, we will run an orientation “camp” that helps you integrate into the culture and gives you tips about the reality of Ecuador. During the orienatation campu, we provide you with all of the information about your host families, work placements, Spanish classes, safety & security specifics, and timeline of the program.

Each program has a supervisor whose role is to oversee and assist through the duration of the program. We facilitate communications between participants, host families, work placements, emergency medical care units (minor health problems will be taken care of by your host families), and we also provide support via regular emails and phone calls.

When necessary, we meet one-on-one with participants. For example, if your interests do not match the work placement reality, we can help you work it out. Or if you are having difficulties with your host family, we can provide support. Mentoring is provided according to each participant's own needs. There are also “formal evaluations” and planned visits throughout the programs.